Thursday, April 8, 2010

Carpet fiasco

We inherited some pretty dirty carpet... so I scheduled a guy to come clean them....
And he said he put on extra water because they were extra dirty.... I assumed(ASS+U+ME) he would have sucked up EXTRA dirty water... WRONG...
This pic below, is after we removed all the carpet on the stairs--a very disgusting process...4 DAYS AFTER THE CLEANING!!!

And then we removed 92 staples from each step and 92 staples from every riser(no, I didnt count) it took about 3 hours to remove them all...
Now this is the first morning in our new house, hungover, and before breakfast (read: leftover chinese)
The 3rd stair from the bottom was STILL WET 4 days and 3 hrs later. Wow.
We are going to give this guy a chance to pay us for the replacement carpet... given they were only DIRTY when we moved in, and not mildewing as they were 4 days later.
Stay tuned to see if we learn about small claims court and smearing names on the internet!
Or if we get a check from the guy. Ill definetly tell you who he is once Im done.
Beware when you hire carpet cleaners til then!

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