Friday, April 9, 2010

Lets do the TIME WARP agaaaaain...

It's just a jump to the left ....

I have many of these...the covers are in the garage with paint splatters on them... I feel like Im at school
No, the picture isnt sideways.. I have inherited 2 of these... they put off almost NO light. I think all the light was sucked back to 1970...

This one isnt too bad... once it was raised up from eye level.
*Warning* Do not look directly in to the fixture...

These--if they werent covered in 10yrs of grease(Grease?) would be nice. How can you go wrong with round white lights? Cute retro and aesthetically pleasing. But still 70's

I dont even want to talk about this one. Its the first thing you see when coming in the door--eeek!

If my house was a submarine--this WOULD be fitting.

I believe my grandparents had this in there kitchen.

And the BEST for last---the FIRE DETECTORS!
Not smoke, no. FIRE. When FIRE reaches my ceiling... these go off, like a school alarm bell waking you from a bad dream. Too bad we would be unconscious from the smoke inhalation by then...
I love Travis even more for removing these monstrosities from our ceilings.

And now back to 2010!


  1. i rather liked the fire bells. they're kinda cheeky

  2. You should see the lights that were left in our place... the ones in the kitchen (which still haven't been switched out 3 years later) look alot like the white ball ones you have hanging... but wihtout the white shade... yes, they are lightbulbs on a cord with a saucer above them, it's pretty bad.


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