Saturday, April 17, 2010

The easy stuff

This is how we spent 2 hours in the course of 3 weeks.

Fixed slider 5 mins

Aligned cupboard doors 10 mins

Fixed lower kitchen faucet 30 mins
$2.69 washer

Fixed toilet running 30 secs
Free, bend rod

Fixed dripping outdoor faucet 20 mins
69 cent pack of 2 washers

Superglued screen door handle 30 secs
75 cent superglue

Replaced thermostat 10 mins
$30 new digital one

Doorbell working 5 mins.
$5 batteries

Fence latches 5 mins
Free, twine and screwdriver

Straightened fence 30 mins
Free, Shovel dug some holes, filled some holes

Bulbs in over oven light 2 mins
$6 for 2 bulbs

A house not about to make you tear your hair out?

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