Saturday, October 13, 2012

O' Joyous home improvements

Since day 1, we have hated this window. It being the accent piece to the whole house--everyone noticed it right away.

See Travis here thinking nasty thoughts on it:

Finally the day has come! For us to replace public enemy #1.

Before it was like our house was crying:

(It is now October while I am writing this-and I had already forgotten how BAD that window was! It is so much more cheerful inside. No more disgust when I look out the window!)


It is so clear it is almost like there is no window at all!
 Here is a shot on a nice day.
That hanging light REALLY needs to go soon honey!

It makes us so happy we do not even mind that our pockets are empty!
Or that Travis has to climb up and patch up some damage around the new window or has to climb up outside to paint the trim!
Not happy here. Did I mention Travis is scared of heights?
I promised to cook him something yummy while he works!

A bit of damage for us to fix.

It wasn't a completely painless operation. The company originally came out and measured in early April with a May 10 install date. The wait was painful but we knew it was going to be so worth it!
But once they got here, they realized the big window was cut/measured just an inch short!! So it was temporarily installed while we waited for the correct one.
June 1 it was finally completed!

We also had 1 other window replaced during this time, but the change is not as impressive.

This is little yard section from previous post from another angle.

This is the final photo from July-trim painted, sticker removed and house touched up!

I am so glad we finally got that project off our list. 2 years and 3 months after we moved in!!
Super exciting project next year is to replace all the siding on this side of the house!


  1. Travis is scared of heights? Didn't he spend months and months on a ladder working on those big beams inside?

    Your new windows look great! When we lived in Massachusetts, we had our windows replaced. It's great for improving your outlook!

    1. Ha! He was a bit safer inside falling 16 feet rather than 20+ outside standing on a small platform below the window!

  2. I'll bet those new windows will be appreciated for years to come. We have a weepy window with hard to turn crank out panes. Discussing its replacement!

  3. Congratulations on getting the new windows installed! I didn't know Travis is not fond of heights; very impressive since he's been working on ladders for so much of your remodeling. And if anyone understands the years it can take to complete a project, it would be me. :-)


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