Saturday, October 6, 2012

No more!

We have been slacking on new projects so this is a good time to put a halt to adding ANYMORE to the list! (Also I have been slacking on this blog, because NONE of these projects have been touched since I started writing this 3 months ago. So while it is out of date, it is still true!)
More often than not a new project comes up in the middle of another one, that demands to be done in order to finish the original project.
Those will get done because we rarely have a choice.

Meanwhile here is our list of unfinished projects:

Installing wood in attic to reach far side of house
Installing bathroom fan in master bath
Installing security cameras
Installing smoke alarms
Finish last 16 stones of patio(this is a lie now, maybe next year?)

Projects that are delayed
Before and After
What is left
Built a new sifter for this project
Finished section with rocks to deter cars from parking ON our yard. It works!
Lower moat-this one entails way more effort than 9 letters can describe.
-Separating 1ft wide strip river rock from dirt/weeds/roots, 100 feet long! (About 1/2 done!)
-Clearing weeds and old weed paper
-adding mulch to each section as finished.
And finally
-Adding plants to lower moat(now looking at fall)
*I bought many plants that are dying in their pots!*
I have convinced Travis to start mowing the lower moat, so it at least looks presentable during the wait. I would really like the rain to stop so we can get out there and make progress, even if only 10ft at a time.

Digging trench thru gravel drive way and installing river rock to help water runoff.

Painting vaulted area upstairs and large wall in entry

South yard to be garden, full revamp. I have an idea now and plants!
I want to start with the small section closest to the house and see how it goes before digging up the whole front yard.
-Remove sod from 10x20 area
-Call 811 for new markings as all our lines run thru this side of the yard.
-create rock paths over utilities lines, gas, power, etc.
-create raised area next to walkway
-bring in dirt
-Plant things!
-Install mulch
Oh wait--is this on the delayed projects list?! Whoops! I guess all the projects above are for Travis, and this one is for me... it does involve plants... I already have Lavender, Daphne & a peony to plant!
Only problem is I need his help to remove sod, build wall and get rock, dirt and mulch!
Our idea of a fun outing: Simply Rocks, a place that sells just rocks!
 As you can see this area is not huge. Had we started it, finishing would be no problem.
Yet here it is October, and the yard looks identical to this August picture.

Asparagus bed edging-this will probably wait til spring. Almost time to cut down asparagus, which will make adding drainage to edges and edging much easier. Adding edging will make it much easier for Travis to weed whack the edges without fighting the vegetation.
This is the asparagus bed in June, it started falling over so I tied it up.
Maybe next year I will fashion some chicken wire, since it didn't hold it up ENOUGH.


Here is a project we DID finish.
We still haven't committed to wood blinds for the living room,
so we get lots of sunlight and heat in the summer.
For a fraction of the cost and little decision making we got some external sun shades! 
This sure helped make the living room bearable in the evenings.
10pm and previously it was still day time highs inside!
Who wants to cook when it is 80+ degrees inside?

During installation and sunset. View is not completely obliterated, just obscured.
After install, night time.
The shades add a new ambiance to
 the living room during the day.
 I have several other posts to write and catch up on.
Writing about months back take the oomph out of blogging, I hope I can get current soon.
I expect things to get more exciting from here on out!



  1. Nice to see an update from you, April. Things should get very exciting at the end of December, I should think.

    I don't know if I mentioned this to you before, but you really don't have to dig up your grass where you want to put in a bed. You can just put a lasagna bed there, and leave the grass under the lasagna ingredients to rot. I've done it, it really works, and it is so much easier than digging!

    1. I would think the seeds would grow through the lasagna bed--no? I just may have to try this!!


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