Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The old man and the C

First I give you the old man!!! Well, not THAT old, but the oldest here.

He is Crafty, Clever,Charming, Cunning and Cute!

Travis does not approve

And now on to the other important stuff!

First up we have CHERRY TOMATOES!!
I ate my first cherry tomato July 25th!! I have a few more on the way..
and when I say a few I mean a few plants!
I have 5 or 6 cherry plants--they were a big hit last year
so of course I wanted more
I'm up to 20 eaten now!

These aren't cherries tomatoes below
but If I stuck with just the letter C you would never get
to C all my plants by the time they are eaten.
All my other tomatoes are mystery plants this year.
Before I wrote down the names the tags washed off--
They were free and they will still be tomatoes with out the names!

These have started turning red in the week since I took this pic!

I planted a few new things this year, but didn't take the time to record
WHEN I planted or WHEN they will be ready.
How do you know when carrots are ready? 
This is my first ever CARROT!
As you can C, it's pretty small.
I did manage to make it 2 bites and guess what?

It tasted like a carrot too!
This right here? This is CROWDED!
We have been so busy upstairs getting unpacked and settled..along with Travis' newer projects
and as it turns out--maybe 3 beds of greens was a bit much?
I have neglected them in part to the bitterness of the collards in our last couple BBQs.
Maybe I should make a dish with out the collards?
Since LAZY isn't for 9 more letters!

 This right here? CRAZY! Or COURAGEOUS or Chaos? Or maybe I should save this for D (Dumb!)
I had no problem planting this--only took 2-3 hours to get it all in the ground... we planted 3x the garden as last year on purpose. I expected to lose a few plants and eat more veggies and give more away--but finding 2+ hours a week to work in the garden doesn't sound like much, but it is really hard to find the time recently

Here is the breakdown of what is going on out here:

I planted WAY too many peas--possibly of some super sucky variety so they do not taste good off the vine-I have 4 gallons in the fridge already. Should I stir fry them or freeze them? or Shell them?

I planted 20 bean plants--but cannot see them!
My broccoli is all done and I tore it out. What do I put there?

2 of my beds of Greens got Aphids that I can't get rid of. Started tearing some out and soaping the rest.

Lettuce--oh how I love thee! We ate a lot for a month and then? I was sick of salads and quit harvesting it... now they are several feet tall. Lettuce is NOT supposed to be tall right? Think I will tear it out and replant.

Carrots & Radishes--have no idea when to pluck them.

Cabbage is cabbage-less. One less thing to figure out!

Kale, Collard, Chard: What doesn't have aphids needs harvesting, what does needs to be torn out.

Weeds: Plentiful! Must harvest soon!

Tomatoes are doing great! But I better figure out what to do with them all pretty soon!

Flowers--I pluck a few each week and put in a bud vase on my desk

I also need to feed things and reroute my hose to make sure the toms get enough.
I have a list around here... somewhere...

Contrast--love how this flower was randomly planted next to the purple lettuce. I forget the type of this flower--it was the only one with out a tag

Cats prowling for birds. They don't care for veggies.

Cannonball!!!!! As a quick celebration of the sun, I brought a pool to my favorite little girl Ivy.
We had fun in the sun last weekend. The adults(?) sat in chairs with our feet in the pool whist she jumped and played and splashed us.

Well--if I do not post this now--I will continue to add more C's to the list and you won't see it til August September.
I now have Crows, Chester, Cake, Cayenne to add!


  1. Hi to Travis! Glad you got him in the castle.
    The tomatoes look good. Yummy!
    Shell and freeze the peas. Unless you really don't like them. You can't have too many peas.
    Once greens bolt (get tall) they don't usually taste good so pull them.
    Carrots and radishes are kind of trial and error on the harvest. Sometimes, you can dig beside them a little and peek.
    Your flower is a bachelor button. They reseed pretty easy so you can have them pop up all over the place.
    Your garden looks typical of late summer gardens. Some things over take others. I thought I was smart to put my melons near the peas but they were too shaded and didn't really grow until the peas came out. Now they look good but no fruit yet!

  2. Thanks GoSS! I will work thru these peas and see what I can save!
    Next up--planting some more lettuce..
    -April(who still cannot post comments!!!)

  3. I'm impressed that you've gotten so many tomatoes already. We've had 2 cherry tomatoes, I had one and my husband the other. It was so sweet and delicious I've been examining the plants daily hoping to find another. My husband planted so much lettuce and greens there's no way we'll ever eat that much salad, but he's so happy to see them growing that I'm not saying anything. It sure has been nice to have sun and heat. My little one likes for me to water her while I'm watering the garden.

  4. Well, that vegetable garden of yours is seriously cranking out the goodness! Wow, what a harvest! I have fifteen tomato plants and 100 onions and three peppers and a partridge in a, never mind. No pear trees here.

    I'm so glad to hear everything is going well for you and Travis (who is very cute, by the way, lol). Great to hear from you, April!!


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