Friday, August 12, 2011


In a perfect world I would be posting a letter or 2 from the alphabet each week--but as perfect as I am things have conspired against me!
For each task to be completed there are 3 others that have to come first and 3 that lead up to each of those and so on and so forth... at least here at Castle Debauchery aka The Twilight Zone.

For instance--the notebook I have all my photos stored on had a fan failure. I get 1 more chance to turn it on and transfer the data but 1st I have to bring home an external drive from work! All so I can write the letter D. I am bursting forth with important D's to Document! Along with e, f, g, and all important K for Kitchen.

So I will take you on a little journey--but lets get a snack first shall we?

My 2nd tomato of the year--first one was sliced and eaten long before I thought to take a picture--It was only a possible an Early Girl.  Since all the tags are blank in the garden--they are all mysteries this year. And I am more than okay with that!
I do believe this is a Black Sea Man--since it was my first tomato last year, and it resembled it inside and out. Look what I have learned! In just a years time!

This is Black Beauty--my first and only Zucchini so far.

 Here are my first ever carrots and a beet!--I needed to thin my carrots and couldn't resist bringing them inside--they taste great! As for the beet--maybe I'll play with that tomorrow.

Onwards to my story. Like I was saying--every project to be completed needs to be preempted by 3 others.
I have some terribly embarrassing seats in the Jeep at the moment. Smittybilt admitted to having had a manufacturer use less than adequate material in these XRC racing seats--and REPLACED THEM FREE! Smittybilt you rock! I was so surprised to actually receive customer service when I complained, as these seats were only 3 years old. The original Jeep seats were 10yrs old with NO holes what so ever when we replaced them.I should have them installed by J I hope!
 Anyway--in order to install the seats--I have to finish the cupboards, tear down my work bench and rearrange the garage in order to pull the jeep in to a flat surface. ( I'm not even concerned about actually parking in there! My kitchen seems to be having a fine time living in the garage.)
So I have been painting every other day as it takes at least 48hrs to not be tacky--touch ups, touch downs and some sanding and then flip another 48hrs later... I moved most of them upstairs finally today:

Either I missed a spot--or that is a reflection on the 2nd from the left!

I am positive these are reflections.

I actually finished 7 of them a month or more ago, but 3 of those went to the next project so I decided to wait to install them all at once. Also I had to rearrange my kitchen cupboards to my liking and figured it would be easier without the doors on. I was right! 

This leads us to this section of the living room-previously full of kitchen boxes--I had to unpack those in order to make room for the other boxes from the garage! 
Oh boy--I see many a trips to good will and garage sales in my future! 

It has been 18 months since we have used any of this stuff!

Time to purge!

See anything you want?

I am NOT putting these back up! No way, no how!
This is sorta like "airing dirty laundry" but only really dusty boxes.

So now the cupboards are 98% painted, hinges are done, kitchen is rearranged, all ready to finish what I started last November.....

Just as soon as I install a new man in the cupboard....

Oh Wait--did he leave a MARK in my cupboard?
Damn it! Not again!
(Hi Mark!! Thanks again!)

I mean.... have the men install new wood under the cupboards!

I have just painted this tonight!! (Yes-its Friday! Woooo Party!?)
48hrs and I can put things in here and install hinges and doors too!
Oh Golly--and the handles I bought 18 months ago!

And the complete end result of replacing the wood under the sink, painting it, installing hinges, arranging the dishes, finishing painting the doors, installing doors, moving boxes up, installing jeep seats and cleaning out the garage:

Our tool shelf has runneth over, plus it is still in the kitchen...
Travis gets to build a work bench in the garage!!!
Imagine that! A real garage I can park in and he can build me things in!

Had I zoomed out-you would be blinded by the floor AND
see the big pile of tools that no longer fit with out rearranging the whole shelf,


How can he relax at a time like this!?!!?!!?! There is so much to do!!
Ok ok--It was Friday night--I will let him relax for now.

And here is how I relax:
Here is a shabby picture of a happy little accident.
I needed a place to put these for now so tucked them in where they may get water.
This corner is now my favorite in the whole garden--even though it is outside the garden.

I did buy that external drive--so D should not be Delayed too much longer..
but time is funny here sometimes at the Castle Debauchery! 


  1. Well, WOW is the operative word, here. You have been busy! Remodeling does not look like fun, but you have certainly accomplished so much in such a short time. Castle Debauchery (lol) is really coming along, just look at all the progress. I wish I could talk Carl into purging, all he knows is how to hoard. And we have stuff from 30 years ago and beyond that he hasn't touched. Oh, someday he'll realize he doesn't need it all. (I can dream, don't shoot my hopes down, ok?)

    Hope the computer fix is easy and looking forward to the rest of the alphabet. Have a great weekend!


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