Monday, July 18, 2011

B's in my bonnet

BORING--This BLOG has definitely become this. A few of these items may explain why.

BEHIND-- I am going to attempt to keep some focus here on the blog by using the Alphabet going forward. 
Next up C is for _____.  If you want to see something covered-give me a shout!

BUSY--We are doing everything and nothing all at once. Also see Boxes
I have no idea how we kept up the momentum in the last year. Suddenly all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and 40hr a week day jobs have tired me out. I quit making to do lists, but it may keep me on task if I did. Who has time to make one???
Yes, make a to do list is on my mental to do list. Along with write a blog.

BEAMS--They are still gorgeous! We like to sit on the couch and stare at them all the time.

BROCCOLI--Is on its way out--cooked some on the BBQ but lost a lot of it to aphids and some flowered because I have not been diligent in the garden recently.

BUGS--I am NOT happy about this development.  I have Aphids. I have been battling them with soap & water  (I first typo'd with soup--maybe I should try that!) in a high pressure sprayer and so far--they keep coming back. I have also tried removing the offending plants and cutting off offending bits too. Next stop lady bugs--but I hear they usually prefer the neighbors yard.. so maybe I should release them in the neighbors yard so they come here? They really depress me (the bugs, not the neighbors) in to not wanting to look at the garden.

BEANS-I planted a few-but the peas are really full and in my way, so I should probably plant more soon. Is 20 seedlings enough? Probably not. I will regret it if summer comes and goes with out more beans!!!

BOXES-I have rooms of boxes upstairs. Every room.  The kitchen bits we couldn't fit when we lived downstairs & we haven't used a lot of it in over a year, so I could get rid of it, but really we revised our dinner menu to accommodate our space-so I would like to make some of these more complicated recipes again soon.
There are more boxes in the garage--mostly my books, that I plan on thinning, but I refuse to move them up til I clear up most of these boxes upstairs.

BEDTIME--We have been staying up way too late. The rule goes- after midnight just add 1 to every hour to make it seem earlier--but once you get to 13'oclock, it is truly time for bed. I BLAME this on:


The whole evening was a bit fuzzy

My 2 husbands

BBQ-Of course we still BBQ, all the time. I haven't tried to make any meals on the stove yet in my new kitchen--I have til the letter K to get the kitchen finished right? Recent new menu item includes marinated chicken skewers &  Franks Red hot sauce--I am all about putting that Sh#t on everything!

BOOZE-Still required for admission! 

BURRITOS-We love to get burritos from JC's Market around the corner. Simone sells some amazing Mexican food in this place--open til 7 but closed Sundays! We seem to crave burritos mostly on Sundays so getting one during the week is pretty high on our to do list.

BROTHERS--2 guys that run JC's Market are Alain and Pierre-great guys from the Ivory Coast--We threaten to bring them veggies all the time, but have yet to actually come thru.

noteBOOK--We got a new one finally! This is one cause for the lack of updates. All the pictures are on the old notebook still so once I finish here, I will go there and upload some. I am a bit challenged with Win 7, but I'm getting there through necessity

BOOKS-I upgraded to the Nook recently, though I still have library books I am reading. I am not impressed. Maybe I will like it better after some more time. One plus is how quietly I can read in bed, in any position I want. But the selection of free and lendable books is a bit lacking.

BLACK EYED SUSANS--How did I not know about this flower til this year? LOVE at first sight!

BEFORE & Afters--I am even behind on this aspect--
Remember the leaky washer back in May? Maybe I should show the after portion:

Like new:

BOYS--Travis and Mark--(see also BAD COMPANY) are currently fixing the dry rot in the front deck. More pics shall come under D

There are possibly a few B's I have missed, but this is all I've got for now.
I sure miss reading all the blogs regularly. I hope to get back to that soon!


  1. Missed you too, April! It's good to get an update.

  2. Goodness, you have been a busy B. My broccoli's also bye-bye and beans just blossomed.

  3. April! Great to hear from you again, I kept checking on your blog, but figured you were Busy. I see I was right!

    I think using soup and water on the aphids might just be the ticket to send them on their way. I've never tried it, but I've been known to make some soups that drove company away, so what the heck, give it a try.

    I got such a chuckle out of reading this post, I'm supposed to be washing clothes and dashing about in the humidity pulling weeds or some other such nonsense (our house windows are fogged up on the OUTside.....good grief!) but instead I had to read your blog. I'm so glad I did!


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