Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Houseplant homicide

What happened to my plant?

Did it die from a broken heart?

It was doing just fine after I replanted it last month. It had outgrown the little pot on the right, so much so it had climbed right out of the dirt. Bad dirt at that. It was in random potting soil and I got some cactus mix to replant it in.

Repotting extravaganza!

After replanting, it was stretching out and even looked like it may flower soon!
I watered it very lightly at this point.

I got to buy a new plant for the pot it outgrew too!

And even without much water it seems to be melting. The soil is dry and Travis swears he did not water it.

Although I am curious what happened to it, I have already replaced it in my heart with a new plant. I bought this colorful little Haworthia at the NW Flower and Garden show. Since I am not ready to plant outdoors yet, I eased my plant buying soul with a new succulent.
This itty bitty plant and pot is only 3 inches tall.

 So--what did I do wrong? Will I lose another this way? I do not think it is redeemable in its current state.


  1. I know very little about houseplants. But it does still look salvageable. If you cut off everything that's mushy, it might come back. I know some houseplants prefer to be potbound, even if they look like their roots are coming out the holes and over the top of the pot (like orchids). Looks like it preferred the random potting soil.

    The new Haworthia is cute!

  2. I have the same problem when I repot things. Some plants just don't like getting transplanted, and having their roots disturbed. Was that an aloe? I've never had success with aloe plants.

  3. After researching, I have no idea what either plant is/was. Seems Aloe, haworthia and gasteria all interbreed and create hybrid Gasteraloes and Alorthia!

  4. Found your blog while surfing - I have no idea what happened to your poor plant. But, as for the rocks you have, I worked for a landscape company that took a nice round rock and had a hole drilled through it and created a water fountain from it. It was pretty neat, if you know someone who can drill a hole through a rock.

  5. April, oh, your poor Gasteraloealorthia didn't make it? (You had me giggling over that name, lol, and the sad part is, it's probably still not as complicated as the real name of the Unknown Plant) You and I have this in common, I have killed many houseplants far too numerous to mention, too. You think you're being kind, moving them to a roomier abode, giving them nice, fresh soil to grow in, and then they croak. I've heard some plants like to be rootbound, maybe Wide Open Spaces terrify them; they are Plant Agoraphobes? Ok, I quit.

    This is a good reminder for me to see if my two houseplants need water, ummmm......I guess they do; are the leaves supposed to be falling off?

  6. Yeah, it's probably not "quite redeemable in its current state." Any chance it froze? Not that I've ever frozen any of my plants, but if I had they would've looked a lot like that.

  7. I know cactus and succulents do better if transplanted at a certain time of year (and I don't remember the time), I just know they are very persnickety plants. It looks like what happens when they are over watered (been there done that) but if that didn't happen I dunno. Hm... it might be that the jump in pot sizes was too big for it?


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