Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1st Blogaversary!!

A whole year has passed and it turns out waiting is NOT the hardest part.
Waiting seems relatively easy these days. Writing a blog is much preferable then finishing the work. The never ending work. Just like a true 1 yr old keeping us up at nights and puking on all our plans.
Back in March 2010, I really thought we would move upstairs much sooner. I also didn't plan on redoing the kitchen and just thought they were really really dirty and could be cleaned.
Travis thought the beam would just take a couple of weeks.
Ha! Noobs.

We have learned a lot though. Home repair, cost + time=2x what you planned, gardening, plants & patience.
Last date planned to move upstairs was March 1... it is now March 16th and well....  I stopped planning.
We actually moved in March 28th... but it seems unlikely we will be moving by then.
I turn 31 on April 12th.... and I kinda half hoping and not planning (if I plan it, it will go wrong) to be moving before that week.
The fun of that is spring cleaning, unpacking, getting resorted out... in to our ACTUAL first house. Not our actual first basement. I am looking forward to it.

The whole reason I started this blog, well 2 parts...
1. Our friends would get plenty sick of us if all we ever talked about was the house--so I started a blog to talk about what we do, and if they ARE interested they can come here to see what is what. Otherwise we try not to talk about the house (too much) during our dates with them.
Funny story recently: Superbowl 2011 party at a friends, same people as 2010 but we had not seen some of them since that time...
One lady asks, 'So you bought a house like you were talking about last year?"
"Yes we did", I say.
"So started any little house projects?"
And the entire room bursts out laughing! I could not bear to go in to it, instead I gave her the blog link.
Even when we try to get away from it, it follows us.
2. To remember. Like the cake says. Remember everything. In 10yrs time, all the stupid little things we will have forgotten the extraneous details that make it all worth it.
Even in 1 years time, looking thru the 1000's of pictures, we will run across some that we had forgotten. One day we will take our hard work for granted and life will move on but we can always come back here.

Here are a few of my favorite search terms that have found this blog:

"can living in a basement make you depressed"

"Bacon taking over Virginia"

The stats are much fun to watch. I kinda felt like a star the first time I saw these. I google imaged them myself and found my pictures!
I have had over 2000 visits on this blog which astounds me. I mean I have to say words or I will explode, but that doesn't mean other people have to listen or read!
I have 18 followers and at least 10 of those are complete strangers!! I love that.
And I want to know why my friends do not comment?
I don't know anyone on the other side of the world, but Korea & Poland have beat Canada for page views recently. Of course the US has the lead.

Spring is coming and it is energizing us to get a move on. Well it is probably my nagging that is energizing Travis... but energized we are!  I hope to get more content filled blog posts up soon instead of this whining I have been doing for the past couple months.

Til then--

Thanks to you all for joining us on this rollercoaster ride called home ownership!!


  1. Congrats on your 1-year blog anniversary! What I love about your blog is that you remind me of what it was like to be young.

    It is fun seeing what brings people to your blog, isn't it? I had a blog for several months before I clicked on that stats link.

    The remembering is good.

  2. Happy blog birthday!!!!
    You have done so much already. It's just that there was more than you realized to do. Home projects are like that.
    When we did our last bathroom remodel, I did not calculate jack hammering out the cement floor to dirt to redo and lower the drain, etc. You just don't know until you get in there sometimes. I really like your patio! Here's to more progress, more blogging and more gardening!

  3. Alison--Is that young OR dumb? =)

    GoSS--You have me scared at bathroom remodel now!

  4. Happy Blogaversary. I started mine for sort of the same reason. Most people I know don't really care that much about gardening, but I knew there were others somewhere out there that might find it interesting.
    My friends don't comment either, but then they don't blog either, just read mine sometimes.
    Hope you are moved in by your birthday.

  5. i don't comment because i read them in my email on my phone. every time i feel like commenting, i'm reminded i can't by the email address being ""... so THEN i'd have to go over to the computer, assuming jay or ivy isn't already on there, log into email, log into blogger, and comment.

    like i just did.

    much easier to text you my immediate thoughts. like...... i like the dark one, in the middle, on the right (:

  6. Happy Blogaversary. You are right, We've owned our house for a little over a year now and projects always cost more than you plan on it. But it's worth it.

  7. Oh, it's been a year already? Congratulations!! A year already. The more I read your blog, the more I wonder about my sanity in wanting to 'some day' remodel this old hut. You have given me courage, though, more than you know, and you and Travis have accomplished SO much.

    I agree with you about blogs, I started writing mine as a history/diary thing for future reference.

    My friends don't comment on my blog either, but they're old, like me, and only a few are computer-friendly. And maybe I bored them to tears with my rambling on about gardening. Who knows. The weirdest thing is when one of our neighbors sees me in the grocery store or something and comments on what's been going on around here...kinda creeps me out and I get to wondering how many lurkers I have.

    Blogging is such fun, and I'm so glad to have 'met' you!

  8. Happy Blog birthday to you! :) I just recently realized I've been blogging for about two years now, when did THAT happen? Time sure does fly by.

  9. Ha! I've been catching up on your blogs that I didn't get to because of the umpteen million spammer emails hiding them. And so I thought I'd leave a comment since I don't think I ever have, to tell you I am looking at all your work on this first house, knowing what's in store for fixing mine, and thinking I should just say screw it and build one from the ground up in twenty years when I might be able to afford it. LOL!!!

  10. Hmmm...wonder why I'm unknown. BoOoO! I like being known! ha ha

  11. Did it work? Can I be known now?!? We shall see!


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