Sunday, March 27, 2011

365 days later

This is what we are working on this week:
Making sure there are no bodies buried in the garden in a shallow grave,
Picking old paint from nooks and crannies in the beam,
Sanding primed cupboards
& bathing some rocks

I will not bore you with these gruesome pictures.

Instead I will share with you some of  my favorite pictures & memories from the last year.
In almost no particular order.
Moving day: have plants will travel

365 sunsets a year
Before: A blank page in a coloring book
A dog for a day

After a hard days work, we rest and ponder.
Sunset kisses

Dinner every night on the BBQ

Fred loves his greens

A glimpse thru the garden gate
More than I ever dreamed of.
The perfect subjects for learning to use my camera

 Flowers make good models, so much patience

Quince next door

Sunflower detail

Poppy love
A few of my favorite things
Travis does not approve holding my flowers, but I do!

Patio hijinx
Snow greens

And back to spring rains


  1. Great pictures! Love the one through the garden gate, it's so lush in there! And the red sunflower! Makes it worth going onward. You have come a long way with this house and garden.

  2. Great pictures, love the water dropplets on the flowers. :D

  3. Hi April, love all the pictures, the ones of you and Travis are especially nice. The sunsets, the glimpse of the garden through the gate, the season passing by; every one is special. I wish I had taken more pictures of the two of us when we were younger-back then I was so camera-shy, now if I had the figure I had then, I'd be So happy.

    I also love the way the beam and the newly painted walls turned out. You are making amazing progress.

  4. wow! awesome photos really beutifull! would you allow me to use one of your photos in a lovesong video im making? im using it in baby i love your way by will to power, (non profit youtube vid only) im asking any photo owner whos photo i use i have bob rosenbergs permission to use the song and he approved of the video i made, its the photo where you kiss in the sunshine! ;)

  5. ps let me know if you would like too see the video before deciding! i have password protected it and such, untill i get permission from all the photo owners, some photos maybe replaced before i uppload the video!

  6. Hey Anonymous--I have no way to contact you--please email me: LIRPA0000 at HOTMAIL.COM


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