Friday, July 16, 2010

Word of the day

If you thought the garden was EPIC before--You should see it now!
More pics coming Sunday...but why wait? Why not visit sooner? Tonight?

Todays word brought to you by Derek.
I have yet to meet Derek, but he thinks my garden is epic.
Which is awesome.
The snap peas in this picture were actually picked fresh last night and put in the fridge to take to him, since he cant be bothered to see the EPIC garden in person.
But as he now realizes--Travis forgot to take them. Or I forgot to make sure Travis took them. So, now they are a little less fresh and should be consumed quickly.
Thats right Derek--Im going to eat your snap peas! While you look at the pictures of what could have been yours.


  1. LOL! My garden is starting to look pretty sweet, not quite EPIC but its getting there!

  2. I looked outside today and realized my tomatoes were lacking water... that was far from epic. LOL Hopefully they are looking more alive when I get home.


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