Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last week/end

First the important business!

Tomatoes showing on 4 plants now! Must extend the stakes soon. This is gonna get outta control!

Some highlights of this last week:
Impromptu kabob garden party
installed towel racks (This is way more exciting than it sounds)
installed bathroom fan(This took way more effort than it sounds)
fixed lower faucet again
new closet door
bought wheel barrow
cleaned freds cage
rerouted soaker hose
cooked strata=fail
sold 70 cinderblocks
recruited help to finish patio
had lunch with dad
ate snap peas
sliced my thumb
burned my thumb
grated my knuckle

The knife demands respect.

I really WAS being careful cleaning it

This didnt come out as planned. Looks good, but runny eggs = yuck. Gonna try eating more today

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