Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did our patio just get awesomer?

Nooo... because awesomer isnt a real word.. but it did get a whole lot cooler!
Or is that more cool? or just very cool... Either way its slightly damp, sunny and glorious!

This is Mist.

Yes, that is right... mist doesnt like being shown in pictures, because the Mist wants you to visit! This even got Travis to sit on the patio in full sun.

And this is what we have to do to earn that mist. Utter transformation for very cheap
1 Truckload of bark = $15

Actually I notice it doesnt look a whole lot different in pictures. Odd. Even my flower beds want you to come visit.

Chinese proverb says: The best fertilizer is the gardeners shadow.
Well I say--My flowers wont grow unless you come LOOK at them! And I need more flowers!

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