Monday, January 2, 2012

In the new year

Happy New Years everyone!

As the sun set on 2011... (and I wasn't upset about it going either) I had some grand ideas on how to proceed in 2012.

We all have the standard list of unkept resolutions :
Eat less, drink less, save money, pay off debt, see friends more often, make phone calls....

I think a more productive idea would be to get some going for the house!
Some people exchange shiny jewelry for Christmas, while we buy shiny things for the house!
It is a good thing we got started in December, as it breaks up the cost of my "lets get things done and not spend any money" list.

I was entertaining the idea of 30 mini goals in 30 days, but couldn't come up with all 30.
Not to mention while I am making my list they are getting achieved by a certain MF I know...
I am definitely NOT complaining about that.

Big cheap resolution #1
Tell you about my kitchen!
I am working on it-- Only J stand in the way now!
Then the long awaited oddly boring reveal  "K for Kitchen"
Compared to where we were 1 year ago...I guess it is pretty exciting.

Which will bring us to my 2nd resolution:
#2 Cook 52 new recipes... starting... 2 days ago! Does that count? Or am I still at 52?
I put off making anything hard while we were in the basement due to the counter space and then while this kitchen was under construction. Now I have that bug again with a new cook book AND counter space.

Lemon Risotto is not picturesque but very tasty. Plus it includes vodka!
Served with pork stirfry, odd combo, but super delicious indeed.

We have got a head start during our holiday break(listed in bold) with the most important items. Though #2 is pretty darn important!
  1. Clean under fridge grate
  2. Install Smoke detectors $
  3. Wipe window sills
  4. Paint downstairs living room $
  5. paint downstairs bedroom $
  6. Install wire shelf in upstairs bedrooms $
  7. Dust hanging lights in kitchen and dining room
  8. Scrub front deck
  9. Buy Ladder $
  10. Scrape 1 part of ceiling
  11. Investigate dishwasher
  12. Research floors for kitchen
  13. Bed room lights $
  14. Paint accent walls in Kitchen(this justifies the ladder)
  15. Dust plants
  16. Install remaining outlets
  17. Move light switch downstairs
  18. Paint pantry & closet doors $ 
  19. Make a 2 week meal plan
  20. Clean bathroom ceiling fan
  21. re caulk windows
  22. re caulk bathrooms
  23. inspect front outdoor light
  24. tell you about my kitchen!
  25. and 5 more boring things I am sure will come up along the way!
As you can see some are super easy and can be achieved quickly and others will take an investment and planning.

Now for the items we got a head start on...

#4 I am sure you all remember the awesome paint job in the basement?
The previous owner seemed to have only a 5 gallon bucket of paint but included the ceiling in the job--running out right over the fridge(with 3 colors showing!) so it was super noticeable and we were mocked accordingly by all who entered.

Also the florescent lights?  Which the PO painted around instead of removing to paint? Which were sooo bright(6 tubes!) no one wanted to turn them on?

We fixed that! The light is much calmer now

A true before and after shot:

And the furnace vents that were sunk 6 inches deep with a half texture/paint job around the trim?
When I say half, I mean half was textured and the other half was painted...

Travis(MF) fixed that! I don't have the details but there was some wood and glue and some metal tape stuff that I now own 50 extra feet of!

Approx price for paint, lighting, supplies and furnace vents? $400-$500. Its so gorgeous down there now. I will post more pictures as it is completed.

And for #13 The master bedroom lighting-- something that has been bothering me since day 1.

Well, since we didn't sleep in this room until around day 465, I guess I should say it has bothered me since day #470 or so...
The light in the photo above, was a mockery of all things bright.
(Maybe that is why the basement was so bright--to make up for these)
I couldn't see to get ready in the morning with both of them on!
We installed one over each closet and it makes so much difference!
Total price ? $100. I. Can't. Believe. We. Waited.

So moving on--I will have to figure out a way to include some of these more picture worthy items in the blog going with my letter theme...

J--I got this
K-Definitely got this one!
L...oops, just told you about the lights

I sure have my work cut out for me! I only get ideas on about 2 letters ahead of time.  Gotta get moving with spring around the corner, it will be time to get back to the garden and yard goals!
Spring is coming!!!
Spring is coming!!!
Spring is coming!!!


  1. Clean behind fridge grate, that one has been on the to do list for awhile. Just need to figure out how to take it off first. I'd love to replace the fluorescent light in our kitchen yours turned out great. I like that a lot of your jobs are easy ones, not the big ones like I keep adding like replace all the windows.
    Happy New Year and I'm also so excited that spring is coming!

  2. always entertaining :D make a two week meal plan? what's that one? you forgot to put "make an aJENda" in there

  3. You can do all this!

    This year's list here has 3 bedrooms on it. Redo every surface: paint, stain, etc.; new closet doors and crown moulding!

    Also, we need a new kitchen faucet.

    Spring is coming!!!!!

    1. Hey GoSs! This was just the January list :)
      We accomplished most of it! Yet I am hesitant to make the next list. When ever I make a plan, something like the fridge or the furnace goes out! This house seems to be laughing at me.


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