Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home sweet home

Home is where you want to call in sick and stay perfectly healthy.
Yet still lay on the couch all day and watch the sunlight shine through the windows on the walls.

Home is where I watch the trees go through seasons like it is television. This is  channel 'Dry Winter'

 Home is finally clearing the garage enough to park inside.
No more frozen car for me!
We still have a lot of work to do in the garage, but 1 stall empty is good progress. At least for me!

Home is where the LED lights are so bright you cannot see the ornaments!
I was quite excited this year to have our second tree--
Even bought some new lights to fancy it up some.
Next year we will go back to the other lights and hang these outside.
I can see our tree through the window while driving by on the main road.
It still makes me happy.  

These are my favorite ornaments:
This one is new this year--how can you resist a
 fluffy snowman with sticks for arms?
 This concept is true enough--though, I do not think I will get a white Christmas this year.

This shocks no one--I have a thing for birds.

 And here is Travis' favorite--boldly higher than all the rest the ornaments

Home is where Master Fantastic is...

I promised to refer to Travis as Master Fantastic (as in MF...) if he completed the beams
before I finished the kitchen.
Given that he started more than 6 months before I did, it was a long shot.
 I had this.
He accidentally finished a whole phase early beating me by a few weeks.
He didn't need to stain them after all...
and it turns out you do not need cupboard doors to "move in"

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Aw, Travis is a Trekkie! Good man. Glad you will have a warm car to get into now to go to work. Love your tree! Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, April and Travis!

    Home is such a warm word, isn't it? And to have one to tend to with people to love is such a blessing.

    And Travis is a Trekkie? Good heavens, I must know where you got your Enterprise from...this would have made a wonderful ornament for Carl aka Mr. Spock. heh heh


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