Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A year ago today I planted my first ever vegetables!
And believe it or not the sun was shining. I was even in shorts and thongs!
(I wrote this on the 16th)

These have been in the ground for a month now and If I thought last years garden was lush--this is really gonna be something! With the exception of tomatoes--which we will not talk about! (High of 55 today!)

I was almost a full season behind last year and still made something of it!
So whether you are early or late--it will still turn out okay.

With the exception of flowers pictures!
This mysterious Magnolia made me wait 5 years for 1 bloom. ONE!

I find without a bloom it is nearly impossible to find out the type it is...

By the time I noticed it bloom last year a wind storm had knocked it off the retaining wall and all I got was this lousy tshirt picture with a broken petal.

So I waited a full year... and waited... another month and FINALLY. I got one, ONE! bloom again.
I did not put off taking its picture and watching each day for it to open!
I think I have deduced it is of the "little girl" hybrid of Magnolia.

Well, Ann, Betty, Susan, Jane, Randy, Judy or who ever the hell you think you are! I don't think I will be saving many more mystery plants at the local shops. You are all ungrateful not to be more patient with me.

I saw it open Friday night and it was glorious (if only because I waited 5+ years to see the inside!) and by the time I got around to it with my camera Saturday we had a record breaking rain storm and this is what you give me

If you don't like the rain--what are you doing here?

You were so pretty 2 days ago! Well, this is kinda pretty, but I take credit for that!

One bloom, One rainstorm!
Maybe I should send her to an orphanage in Florida? 

So you CAN put of your veggie planting, but you really shouldn't.
Unless they are tomatoes!
Then you SHOULD put it off as long as its under 55 every. single. day
But you CAN'T put off the flower photos or you may as well just take pictures of the branches!


  1. Woo hoo! 1 flower in 5 years! Wow, That's a long wait. I planted peonies last year, and a friend told me that it takes 3 years to bloom usually. And I thought that was a long time! Your magnolia is pretty! I love the scent.

  2. Impressive patience waiting 5 years for that bloom. And nice shots of that bloom. Maybe there will be a second bloom in year 10? I kid.

  3. Your magnolia story is not giving me hope. I purchased a 'jon jon' variety 2 years ago, no blooms. It might get replaced. (those crab-apples are calling!!) You did capture a pretty bloom though!

  4. Your veggies look great. I particularly like how you did your pea trellis--efficient, lots of space, looks neat and tidy.

  5. April, your patience is wonderful (and so is the flower picture!) Believe it or not, and you might as well, because why would I lie about it, we do not have a single magnolia on the property here. I really did intend to plant one, really I did, I just never got around to it. Now I find out I'll have to wait five years to see ONE bloom? Wow. Let's see, by the time I get to a nursery to buy a magnolia I'll probably be 60 and by the time it blooms I'll be 65. Dang, now I'm depressed. (I am the Queen of Procrastinatoes you know, which is a strange ailment crossed with a tomato.)

  6. OK, I will just say that storm or not, messed up petal or not, it's a gorgeous flower! Tough little tree! We have a Southern magnolia that has survived a lot. Each year there are like a handful of blooms.

    Your vegetable garden looks awesome this year!! You must love strolling out there and checking out those beautiful vegetables!


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