Saturday, May 21, 2011

The flu made me a liar

The last post was scheduled already when I found this after the sun came out and dried up all the rain:

But I had the flu and had to just let it all go on because... well... yeah.
I got the flu 48hrs after Travis.
While we had gorgeous weather Tues-Fri, I was in bed worrying about work, our to do list, the lying on the blog and... actually, no I wasn't. I was just in bed.

Now this opening after the storm isn't nearly as pretty as what I remember when it was fresh,
it is still pretty! The petals were fuller and it wasn't open this wide.  
Now I have evidence to find the type of Magnolia!

Yes, this is pretty much the same picture over and over, but I am thrilled!

 The story of this Magnolia, that requires patience goes like this: I bought some Magnolia tree babies from Arbor day foundation for Mothers day back in 2002 or 2003 for several mothers in my life and gave them out. Then I had plant envy! I hadn't thought to buy one for myself! But since I lived in an apartment, it was probably for the best. But one day I found a lonely vaguely labelled mystery Magnolia at some unreputable store and took it home for $20. It does get green and leafy this time of year after it blooms (or is supposed to) and stays leafy til late fall. So it distracted me from the fact that it is SUPPOSED to flower. 

May 2010-it bushes out more but I am lacking pictures.

 As it turns out it just wanted a real home of its own, because it bloomed for the first time the week after we bought the house. I admit, I was a bit shocked when I saw that first bloom. I was warming up my car to go to work when I noticed it. I promptly jumped out of my car and did a little happy dance (the neighbors still aren't making eye contact) then ran back in the house for my camera!
 And now?
I just have to figure out where to plant this ungrateful mystery Magnolia with its fleeting bloom.

Funny how I never cared much before, but now I'm in the habit of knowing the names and I must find out.

Any suggestions on plant identification websites I can upload some pics to find out what this is?

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  1. I'm of no help with the Mystery Magnolia. (So why am I commenting? Sorry.) I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and hope there are a whole lot more Happy Dances to come!


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