Monday, April 11, 2011

Thought we would never finish.

A whole lot of progress happened Saturday in the garden:

These boots are made for gardening

We finished filling in the hole!!! 12 yards of fresh new dirt.
Cedar Grove Veggie Mix & Booster Blend is amazing stuff.
If you live locally and need good soil this is the place to go.

I also found a new favorite view from upstairs!

10 yards on the new side filled in the hole and we amended the original garden side with another 2 yards to improve drainage and raise the level. With a punch card we got 1 yard free with purchase of 5 yards. Cedar Grove also has a happy hour(!) during late afternoon on Saturdays where you save 15%.


We had help from some (awesome) friends Saturday, so the last 4 yards went much quicker.
I mentioned how much faster it went with 2 people shovelling in the wheel barrow,
 as I was on the rake duty spreading it out and could barely keep up--
and the wise ass in the picture below(right) chimed in with 
"What like 2x faster?"
 I promised to put this pic on the Internet for it.
I was down to primitive brain with all the labor

What a dirty job we had! I am so grateful for the help to get it finished.
I wanted to rake it all out nice and pretty but I was out of energy

Here we were a month ago... a big muddy hole that I could hardly imagine the finished project.

Now we can get on to the planting!!  I have peas, lettuce and spinach waiting. Along with kale, collards and chard coming on Wednesday!! Luckily I have a seed starting fiend of a friend that will be supplying all these babies. I'm not ready to be starting seeds with my current set up. Now I just have to plan the layout and pick out a few new things. We are on for broccoli, carrots, potatos, zucchini, cucumber, yellow squash, tomatoes, & peppers. Also outside the fence we have asparagus and pumpkins. I just may run out of room!
Any suggestions? Requests? Horror stories?


  1. I guess you had a productive weekend, wow. What a relief to get all the soil in place and thank goodness for extra hands that came bearing shovels. I am going to sit back and watch this veggie garden evolve and I'm already prepared to be amazed; just like with my houseplants me and vegetables have an uneasy relationship, they don't like me about as much as I don't like them. I'm all about the flowers.

    I do have a lot of room in my greenhouse if I can be of assistance with seed starting though. Bring the seeds on over. ;')

  2. From what I've been told, if you're planting potatoes you'll either want to make sure that you always want potatoes there or put them in a contained space. Part of me really thinks I should dig up my garden area now... but that just sounds like WAY to much work and I don't think it'll be happening this year.

  3. Now, that looks like a garden!!! Nice that you got some extra help.
    Make sure your root crops have space. Greens too. Vines can climb all over each other if needed. As long as you mark where you planted the seeds, you can keep that spot watered and let them go to town. I'm forever squeezing in more than I probably should but it works. Happy plotting!

  4. WooHoo! Congrats! Knowing how lush and green last year's was, I'm really looking forward to seeing this evolve this year. You now have twice as much space, right?

  5. @ Alison--Yep 2.5x as much space... but it won't be as crowded as last year. I hope!

  6. Great garden you've got started! I'll be following your blog. I'm over in Kitsap County and love the Bothell area.

    Regards, Mari

  7. It is always good to work hard in the garden. i ENJOY SEEING WAHT PEOPLE will plant. What will yolu grow?

  8. That is a lot of work! It looks great. I love how pretty new dirt is. Next time we'll go with Cedar Grove. Pacific topsoil is reimbursing us half and giving us 2 yards of compost for free. They came out and saw the glass and how bad the dirt is, even said we got the wrong stuff. I really didn't want to dig 8 yards back up for their mistake.


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