Friday, April 8, 2011

April is a fool

I really think Aprils Fools day is more about the weather in April than any prank playing.
The hour I worked shovelling dirt on Wednesday had to be the worst hour of weather all month.


Yesterday I was glad to see the sun again... and when I got home? It looked like this:

So I took a tour around the yard with the camera. I didn't even get my feet wet!

Love the daffodils! They make me feel like a real person with a real house!

Daffodils surround Autumn Joy

Spring is here! Spring is here!

Travis' grass seed is sprouting!

Look what I found!!
A lily was forced upon me at the NW Flower & Garden show and it needed to be planted asap!
And it is still alive!

This is what we do for fun!
Cut circles around our trees while we avoid the heavy work in the veggie garden.

Bloom already!!!

A great sunset while relaxing makes up for the foolish weather.


  1. That last picture is absolutely beautiful! You'll be happy with that lily once it flowers.

  2. April, you aren't a fool, who knows what this weather will do at any given moment? I love the daffodils coming up all over and the tree is gorgeous. We have cut rings around our trees too, makes for easier mowing. The sunset is so pretty and I'm anxious to see your lily in bloom.

  3. Friday was finally a nice day and this weekend wasn't too bad either At least it was mostly dry. I like the circle around the cherry tree, are you going to plant anything in it?

  4. Catherine--I hadn't planned anything but as it turns out I had left over asparagus and no place to put it--so as an experiment I tucked it under the tree since it was the only decent soil available! It shall be exciting to see if it grows!


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