Friday, March 19, 2010

Tick Tock

Before we know it we will be there!!!
Saturday we have a date to walk thru and I hope it goes well.
The sellers are MESSY. So we really havent seen the place in its best light.
I wonder if it will seem bigger or smaller with out all the stuff in it... on one hand all that stuff shows how BIG it is... and on the other with out the stuff... we will see the actual space. *Fingers crossed* that all the STUFF is gone.

It took me a while to realize there was a freezer and fridge hiding in the garage..
I also noted a frying pan, resting comfortably on a pillow in the garage on our last visit...
:@ <----- this is me, baffled, at the why and how of it was there... in the garage.

And wouldnt you know it---there is a window hiding back there.


Only 72hrs til it is OURS!
7 days til the move

P.S. One day Ill figure out how to format pictures correctly. And I have no idea how that text turned blue and is underlined--it just wanted to be. Ill add some pages to the blog, for the food and the to do list... and the MUST NOT WANT list.

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  1. Oh my! Wow. I saw some of the latest pics of the inside and THIS is what it looked like!?!? Please tell me you didn't have to move that stuff!!!


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