Thursday, March 25, 2010

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I am pretty exhausted. We havent even moved, but for 3 nights straight we have been at the new place dealing with little stuff. And oh my... there is ALOT of little stuff.

Finding and replacing 8 bulbs. One dead fixture(RIP)

Figuring out WHY there are 4 switches for the same 2 lights... and which ones you leave on so the other ones work.

Trying not to gag when I look at my kitchen handles. I tried to clean this one a little bit, but never got thru the protected layer of grease.
Dont you worry---they are in the process of being replaced. By this time next week, that is a promise. Its a matter of picking one to replace all 24 handles with... but first the cupboards need to be cleaned. and cleaned and cleaned.

Carpets got cleaned yesterday--pics of that coming. Free advertising for the man.

Getting the place cleaned... that poor girl that Im paying... she may just have to move in.

Trying to get rid of the wood chips! Is FREE not cheap enough? And there are more where that came from!

So yes--tired... and probably wont get to update during the move.
I just dont see how I will get around to downloading pics from camera before unplugging the pc... and no internet til Monday.. oh--that should be relaxing!
If I ever figure out how to upload more than one picture with out them getting all jumbled.. I just may do some before and after for my 1 reader :)


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  1. Uh oh. I remember what comes eventually. Grease build-up = ewwww. (Orange oil based cleaners are bomb diggity for that)


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