Thursday, November 17, 2011

F the mountains

We have been up to our latest adventure recently in Leavenworth Washington!

I am not sure who F'd the mountains, but it was said, and said often.
Maybe I can get the story in the comments? I know you are reading this Consuela!


 I was mighty impressed at how these leaves fell in a perfect pattern around the tree--or maybe it was vacation brain? or fall? Or daylight savings?


We took a trip with some close friends(well 10 people + us) to Leavenworth this last weekend and had a fantastic time!

If you have never been to Leavenworth, it is a little tourist town that resembles an old Bavarian village--they do Octoberfest and Christmas really well--though we haven't been during these times--the pictures can tell!
Total tourist destination, unless you are a skier, then well, you ski! But once you go thru the shops, men become time bombs where as woman forget they have ever been before!
Going forward--I will limit Travis to a 2hr period in town and arrange girlfriends to take his place!

This picture is from Cashmere Mountain B&B website
I haven't been there either-but I will definitely check it out.
We have previously been out here for a hiking day trip and had lunch and walked around the town.

This is the cabin we stayed at sleeps at least 12.
Nothing to look at from the front, but the view behind was amazing! And inside was huge! Slept 12 and fed 12 and entertained 12!
Thanks to another girlfriend Carleen who arranged this whole trips for a large group of November birthdays, sure made planning a mini vacation easy!!

Partial rear view

This is the Wenatchee river which you see on the 1 mile walk to town.

The trip was just what we needed! We haven't really left the house for 18 months!


We have been to Country boys BBQ in Cashmere a few times before--and always look forward to going back!
Here are a few pics of Travis' meal--which as good as they look are NOT the best meal pictures I have seen. I could write an entire page on Country boys BBQ--from the sauce to the service to the food!!
I heard Dixies in Bellevue rates 2nd this this place after a 2 day taste test done by Jessica(but she lies sometimes!)

These are amazing Ribbon Fries that I just cannot get enough of. Curly potato chips made fresh!

Did I mention the fabulous wine tasting?

We tried both Pasek  & Swakane and came home with nothing to show for it!


In our first 18 months at Castle Debauchery we had all of 1 fire (on our Christmas eve anniversary!)
And now we have had a few and even bought a bellows!

The cabin offered a fire pit and wood--which we used-even wearing our winter gear! It was around 30 degrees in the evening.
Travis, Camilla and Jamie
There was also a hot tub!Which was a lovely refreshing treat after a day in town.
I love the fall--It is my favorite time of year. (until it gets cold, wet and dark--then it is Spring that is my favorite)
The garden is mostly done--but the trees are giving you the best show.

Some scenery on our walk to town


These are some of our friends that stayed at the cabin.
Trying to get everyones attention at the same time is like herding cats!
It takes more than one shot to get the full effect.

This IS what awesome looks like. Notice the flowers on the hat?

This is Leavenworth in the dusk.

This is the view on the  trafficky part of my trip home from work--until DST started that is.
WA 202 from Redmond to Woodinville is gorgeous! Rolling hills, vineyards & farms.

Front porch light Our front light was replaced 11/8/11--It has been burning out every 3 months or so and we haven't had a way to document it. So here we are! Next time it burns out I will have the truth!

Soon I will cover G for garden and ramble thru H, I , & J before I can cover the K for Kitchen! I know how long you have waited!
This time last year my kitchen looked like this:

And now I can cook new recipes in it!!

Until then-I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. What fun! Glad you guys got out of the house, which has basically enslaved you since the day you moved in. I've been curious about Leavenworth since we moved out here, it just sounds so kitschy. Looks like there's some gorgeous scenery.

  2. Well, thank goodness you found some time for F-ing. I was starting to worry about you, being workaholics and all that. Leavenworth brings up memories of a correctional institution, but I was glad to see the Leavenworth you went to was not the same one. Gorgeous scenery!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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