Sunday, June 19, 2011

*MIA* but above ground!

I sure miss this place--I am buried under a to do list a mile long! So much so that I skip looking at the list often and just do what is in front of me. No time to write, think or read blogs makes me sad.

This is what our move upstairs looked like:

Art of a 6yr old boy who follows instructions well.
 Unplanned and messy!
We did not have any boxes. We didn't even have any plans to move upstairs when the carpets were cleaned at 8am. But 5pm rolls around and our ever trusting friends came over for a BBQ and in order to keep them busy--well... everyone just grabbed something and up we went!
We have the best friends in the world! We finally fed them (BBQ Chicken & Steak with salad from the garden) at 9pm and sent them on there way tired and full.

So, this week has been a bit like moving in. Where is my hairbrush? Where is my coffee cup? Where are my car keys? Travis even lost his belt for a few days-ha!

I STILL have not finished the kitchen cupboard doors! Shhh. I should be working on those instead of writing  this! The cotton in the air is NOT helping me get to painting. I have to keep the garage doors closed to keep the area sanitized and I need to keep them closed while they are drying..
Meanwhile--the bases of the cupboards are good to go and the doors are not keeping me from moving in to the kitchen! My current mission is to fill them up in an orderly manner that doesn't have me turning in circles just to make a cup of coffee.

I will however post some random updates about the garden this week!


  1. Congratulations, upstairs-dweller. I gasped at even the THOUGHT of painting during cottonwood season. Don't you dare. LOL

  2. April, I must have a bunch of six year olds living here by the looks of my closets, too, lol. (At least, that's the excuse I'm using today.)

    I bet it feels like you moved into an entirely different house. What a change. Aren't friends the best, though? 'Many hands make light work' that's what I always told my kids anyway, and if the hands know there's a feast at the end of the work, they usually work faster.

    I was thinking about painting some stuff too, but the cottonwood is flying here, too, and I don't want paint with texture.

    Looking forward to your next update!


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