Sunday, February 27, 2011

My cup runneth over

Every plant has a story don't you think?

My father gave me some pieces of sedum years ago from a pot in his back yard and I stuck it in this pot I got probably 5 yrs ago that I adored. I had tried fern and it died, I tried flowers and they died.
So finally the sedum went in.
I put it outside on my covered patio and it prospered. Until winter came....
All the rest my plants were off the patio getting rained on and I had some idea about it being winter and not needing to water anything. Come spring clean up of the patio, this poor little guy was all brown and down to one tiny piece of green about the size of my thumb nail! The horror! I was supposed to water it since it wasn't in the rain!
So I cleared out the dead and stuck in the little survivor and watered it. After a while it was as long as my pinky! So I tore it in half and stuck both ends back in the dirt.
Then I had 2 fingers worth! And I proceeded to tear those in half and stick then in the dirt and THOSE grew too! I am always a sucker for saving plants.

So here is the sedum in 2010:

Prospering wildly that now all the pieces that escape get planted in a new container. Always trying to escape!
This little fern sprouted here all on its own but it looked good so I left it.

It has started to turn magenta this year, not sure if it is the full sun location it currently lives in or just old age.
It looks great with frost on it too!

These pictures don't really do it justice to the color it has turned. It is so much bolder than my skills allow.

Here it sits all pretty and innocent....until you zoom out

And what do we have here zoomed out?
Father winter had his way with this pot in the freezing weather.

At first I thought it was just this one in green full of weeds.
And over the course of the week...

Little pieces were falling off all around it. First one side and then the other and finally the handle broke free

But was it really the cold weather or did this plant plan this jailbreak? This tea cup  along with other planters has been outside for years and none have ever fallen apart. As much as I would have liked them too!!

Or did I plan this? I always like to buy new pots!

And it shall be! I bought a new pot at Molbaks yesterday. A larger terra cotta bowl with feets. So hopefully it will survive and I can plant a few different succulents in it and try something new! Also I need to go back to Michael's  and search out a new giant tea cup--this time to plant something inside.

Now I am off to the garage to get some replanting done while trying not to cut myself on these shards or freeze outside.

Does this plant have a name other than just sedum?


  1. What a healthy sedum you have complete with fond memories. I don't know which one it is, though, lately I've been terrible with botanical nomenclature. Oh, what a shame the pot had to break, it's probably due to freezing and thawing, winter weather is hard on everything. Here in Wisconsin we have to haul everything indoors for the winter, including concrete statuary, or it just gets destroyed. (Which is always a good way to get rid of things I'm not too fond of anymore.) Looks like your snow is all gone, lucky you!

  2. Oh wow, that sedum is gigantic! Isn't it amazing how they just bounce back to life sometimes!


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